Event planning doesn’t have to be difficult anymore! Many times, we are dazzled by beautiful, picture-perfect weddings, birthday parties and other elaborate ceremonies we find in magazines and on television. It is easy to be daunted by such seemingly perfect spreads, and to wonder how possible and realistic it would be to actualize what we see.

Event planning does not have to be hard or exceedingly hectic either. There are a series of steps that could be followed by even the least experienced layman to achieve the perfect event, and we at Divria Events are professionals at this, leaving you these tips to make events easier. Every event, regardless of size, whether large or small, formal or otherwise, has to undergo a series of processes, to be termed successful. These steps are crucial, and can be the difference between an orderly, lively program, and one where the guests are either focusing on each other, or leaving one after the other.

The very first step to planning a successful event, is to idealize and project your expectations on paper. While this might seem juvenile and a big waste of time, there is nothing more useful than having your thoughts spread out on paper, for reference over and over again. When you write down your ideas and expectations, you are enabling your thought process to move further, because the pesky challenge of constantly forgetting spontaneous ideas can ruin the fun of planning. You need to develop tangible goals and objectives, and also the purpose of organizing your event. So next time you have an event to oversee, whip out your pen and notepad, and think in written form!

Next, you must be realistic. Have a firm grasp on the limitations of your clients’ budget. Don’t plan for grandiose cathedrals and multi-step cakes on a low-cost budget. You must carefully analyze how much can be injected into the event, to determine what can be planned for. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. DO look for bargains. When working with a low-cost budget, sometimes your best bet for rentals and other aspects such as catering and decorations, are smaller scale businesses, preferably managed by individuals. This is because it is easier to negotiate prices, and get better deals. We at Divria Events are professional service providers and obviously your best bet for your budget. We work hand in hand with you, and will take a large burden of the planning process off your neck, with our subsidized rental and catering plans.

Have you heard that saying, “two heads are better than one?”. Well, it certainly holds firm and true for event planning. You need to organize a team of professionals- in the case of formal events like conferences, meetings, weddings,- or simply a group of interested friends for smaller occasions such as get-togethers and naming ceremonies. Your team is there to assist, and to ensure the smooth running of the proposed event. Your team should help you create a master plan, which encompasses all aspects of the event, including;

  • Logistics and catering management.
  • Speakers/presenters.
  • Activities and entertainment.

Once your team has been selected, you must decide on what form of publicity to be used in spreading the word about your event. The media selected depends on your event type, and budget. Divria Events is excellent at providing excellent publicity, by helping you with that difficult decision of what media to use. For example, a conference is better disseminated through the television and newspapers because the target audience (most likely more mature people), would frequent such media more often. Publicity could be;

  • Online or Offline, eg, television, radio, or newspapers.
  • Web pages and online promotion
  • Event calendars
  • Printed programs
  • Social media


When dealing with event planning, especially for larger, more formal events, you must identify and establish partnerships and sponsors. These make the financial burden much less, and even promote the event, when the sponsors are big-name companies or individuals. When you involve other people and organizations in your event, they have a stake in helping to spread the word and making the event a success. Sponsorship can also be applied to a smaller event too. Get friends and family to pitch in, help with one or two responsibilities, and lift the burden off you generally.

And what is the place of invited guests, you might be wondering? Well, no matter how inexperienced you might be at event planning, you will already know that the guests are very important, and must be made comfortable at all costs. From the beginning of the program to the end, they must be planned for. Invitations must be sent out at least two weeks before the event. Don’t forget to issue gentle reminders to both guests and invited speakers, a week before the event. Ensure that provisions are made for ushering them in, appropriate seating placements, and of course, refreshments. You see what all that extra help is necessary for? Don’t hesitate to contact us today, for assistance in the planning of your events! Let Divria help you achieve the event of your dreams, with very little hassle, and zero stress! And the plus of it, is that we are affordable, and work perfectly with your budget!

And now that you have all these tips, you can consider yourself a certified event planner, albeit an amateur one. But there is one tip that supersedes all these others, and that is confidence. Be confident that you CAN pull this off, and that your event will go perfectly well. Deep breath, chin up! You have your very own recipe for successful event planning, and nothing can go wrong!