As an event planner, you are almost always keeping your fingers crossed, hoping for the best. Events can be tricky, and it takes a lot of effort to pull one off without costly mistakes. A competent event planner should always be one step ahead of possible errors. He knows that things could go wrong, and he always has a backup plan every step of the way. With event planning, “the devil is always in the details”. There is a popular saying which goes “life is all about how you handle plan B”.

But you cannot formulate a backup plan if you do not know what errors you are trying to avoid. More importantly, you should aim first at avoiding these mistakes. A backup plan is only necessary when things go wrong. As an event planner, it is hardly possible that you can for-see 100% of any errors likely to occur at your event. Like most aspects of real life, some things are just not as obvious as others. But your client probably has a great deal of faith in you, and is counting on your expertise to carry out a smooth job.

We at Divria Events understand the complexity of event organizing, and so we are always willing to offer guidance on all things events. Here are six critical mistakes that many event planners make unwittingly, with succinct tips on how to avoid them.


Imagine having ordered for food from caterers one month ago, and they are nowhere to be found on the D-day. Disastrous, right? What happened? Could they possibly have forgotten?

Ineffective or no communication is one of the biggest mistakes that many event planners make. This is especially true for many who are new in the field. Many event planners do not maintain inadequate communication with key players to the success of their event. You cannot simply assume that the decorators, refreshment suppliers, and printers will work speedily simply because you have spoken on phone with them once or twice.

Instead, you must keep up a steady flow of communication with them. Remind them of your exact specifications. Don’t just remind them; visit them intermittently before your event, to monitor their progress. Once these key players are aware that you are aware of your own specifications, their output tends to be improved. Which is exactly what you need for a successful outcome to your event.


You must always be prepared to switch to an alternative plan should anything go wrong. What’s your backup move?

Murphy’s Law states that, if anything can go wrong, then it will. I know that sounds a bit drastic. But if you have any experience with event planning, you already know that it can be a bit- or very- chaotic. There’s a good chance of something going terribly wrong during the course of the event. That is normal, and to be expected.

Divria Events recommends that you outline every step and stage of the event, and create a backup for it. What if parking spaces are exhausted? Create a backup plan. What if refreshments don’t go around for everyone? Book for extra food. This way, you are sure of being able to retain your dignity in the face of chaos, and beating Murphy’s Law, all at once. It’s definitely a win-win situation when you have a backup plan.


Good assistance is everything, and an event would suffer greatly without adequate hands on deck to attend to pressing issues.

As an event planner, you should never make the mistake of assigning just a few members of your staff to deal with the numerous activities at the event. This is especially true for an event with a large number of attendees. You should have more than enough staff to fill in for roles like ushering, giving parking space directions, and registration. Event planning is one field where the saying, “the more the merrier” applies very solidly.

Divria Events recommends that you get a clear estimation of how many guests you are expecting for the event. When you have this, you will be able to assign enough staff to cover every portion of the event space. This makes the event look well planned and coordinated. It would also definitely put your guests at ease, knowing that their needs will be speedily met.


How in shape is your technological game, in preparation for your event?

Technology is something that can easily disrupt an event’s proceedings if not checked beforehand. Although it might seem to an event planner, that tech factors can easily be sorted out on the D-day, complications might arise.

You should always ensure that equipment such as speakers, TV screens, microphones, amplifiers, projectors and adapters are ready. Always get qualified engineers to do a sound check of all equipment. You should also have a tech-savvy team on stand-by for the event day.


Were you thinking about using that camcorder in your drawer for taking videos at your event? Please reconsider. 

As an event planner, you must remember that a successful event is solid reference for future jobs. Therefore, the way your event is documented and recorded, matters a whole lot. Always hire a professional, to get the best view of your event.

Angles matter when it comes to video coverage, and still pictures. A seasoned cameraman will know just what settings to use, to make your event appear livelier. To capture the feel and energy of the event, get footage of guests arriving and mingling. Capture them enjoying the event, learning, being entertained, and more.


Always make the concluding parts of your event count. People tend to record endings with more clarity than they do beginnings.

You need to put together your event in such a way that it does not get boring towards the end. Many event planners often make the mistake of introducing all their “wow” factors at the beginning of the program. They do this because they are desperate to hold the attention of their guests’ right at the start of the event.

A good event planner knows how to space his surprises. While the beginning of your event is also important, remember that you need your guests to pay attention throughout the duration of the event. Consider spacing out the interesting bits throughout the event, and definitely save the best for last.

Create an atmosphere of expectation, by hinting at a dramatic or surprising occurrence as the event continues. But remember, your “wow” factor must be as good as promised, or your guests will leave disillusioned.

The key to avoiding these critical mistakes in planning your event, is to be organized. You must have a specific imagery of your expectations. You should also consult with experts like Divria Events for relevant advice, and services. We at Divria Events are experts with all things events. We offer solutions to planning problems, and also link you with the best service providers such as caterers, decorators and sound engineers. Visit for better information.