Event proposals are as essential to an event planner, as food is to the human body. In fact, your proposal is your introductory piece, and the major determinant in your client’s decision to take you seriously. Your event proposal is so necessary that it decides whether you’re gaining new clients, or leaving the door open for your competition to slide in. That all sounds very heavy, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. And now that we have impressed upon you the absolute importance of your event proposal, you’re probably wondering how you can organize your own with as little stress as possible. We at Divria Events are experts at designing and instructing you on proposal drafting, helping you put your best foot forward and impress the clients at all times.

The first step to take, in writing an outstanding event proposal is to have a firm grasp of the event in question. What is all about? What does it entail? Writing a good proposal requires the ability to understand all the minute requirements of the client.  Once you have a clear view of the event, then you can begin the more practical aspects of your proposal writing. Part of your responsibility as a good planner, is to create order and produce amazing results, even on short deadlines. And as usual, here are the steps to an outstanding event proposal template, itemized for easy understanding.

  1. Outline your biggest strengths as a planner or planning agency

    You need to bear in mind that most clients being inexperienced in the world of event planning, usually don’t have a clear picture of what they want. Your proposal must identify you as confident and capable, and able to ease their fears and bring to reality their expectations.

  2. Initial meeting- have a one on one discussion with your client  

    This gives you the opportunity to get a very clear idea of your clients’ needs. You should aim at having a clear understanding of their needs, so as to deliver efficiently.

  3. Place more emphasis on their desires for the event

    Keep in mind that you are writing the proposal specifically for your clients, so talk less about yourself, and place more emphasis on their desires for the event. It is important to remember that your client is considering other proposals apart from your own, so yours must stand out in the aspect of understanding their needs properly.

  4. Ensure that you include your company logo and contact information on the cover page

    The proposal title is also very important, especially if you are proposing for a specific company.

  5. Summarize your clients’ needs 

    You can summarize your clients’ needs in the title of the event’s description. When a client sees this information, it reassures them that you understand their desires.

  6. Include photos of previous successes, making sure that they are similar to the clients’ event 

    This can make all the difference in convincing your client that you can truly deliver their expectations.

  7. Include services you offer 

    Your client will want to know what services you can provide during the event. These services include catering, entertainment, ushers, and sometimes, even location. You might consider creating a bullet point list, highlighting all the extra services you can offer.

  8. Remember to speak with authority! You must never forget that you are the expert planner 

    You must be confident in your proposal, and avoid statements that insinuate hesitancy. Avoid wishy-washy language like, “I think, I feel”. These words can project the image that you are unsure of your strategy.

  9. Include budget options 

    Like we said before, most clients’ are unsure about many aspects of planning their events. You do would be doing them a favor by analyzing budget costs for them, while impressing upon them your reliability and professionalism.

  10. Don’t forget your event policies

    Talk about your event policies. This helps to manage your client’s expectations properly.


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