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DivriaEvents.com is a platform that was built to provide on-demand event services for event organizers to help them make their events a success.
We know how difficult it is to create and plan a successful event and that is why we have invested so much on this platform to make the process easier. Also, we are totally customer focused. We strive to keep you satisfied with our service.

Unlike the traditional way of booking venues, vendors or rental services for your events, in which you walk around searching, we give you instant access to our venue and vendor inventory giving you the ability to search, find and book the venue, hire the vendor or rental services that you desire.
We also create event resources that makes it easier for you to be in control of your event planning and stay organized.

OUR VISION is to be the company that solves all the problems related to event planning.

OUR MISSION is to find innovative ways to simplify event planning for event organizers.

Let's help you simplify your next event planning experience.